The best sun protection for extreme sports.

Anytime. Anywhere.
Extreme SPF.

Nomad Face is the best sun protection. For high mountains, skiing, climbing, alpine, or for any outdoor sport.

Even if you are wearing gloves you only need 1 hand and 5 seconds to protect yourself and continue on your way. 


The only sun protection that works in the most extreme sport.

mejor crema solar
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How does it work?


Our Bunker makes it easy for the product not to freeze or melt in the most extreme conditions. Furthermore, it is designed for quick and easy use . And the best, to be used with only one hand and without having to take off your gloves or to get crazy by trying to find your SPF in your backpack.

It is the only SPF that works in only 5 seconds.

And the most sustainable. When it's over, you just need a new capsule. Fewer packaging, less plastic, more sustainable, cheaper ... maximum protection in 1 hand.


Our Products

mejor protector solar para deporte

Extreme Bunker

Never before has a solution been designed like the Bunker. A product that is better for us and better for the planet. A unique solution that protects you in the most extreme conditions and facilitates the use of sunscreen with 1 hand and in just 5 seconds.


SPF Capsule

With a vegan formulation, with maximum protection SPF50 + and no water, it is a totally recyclable solution. We have reduced the plastic content by 50% compared to other common sunscreens. When you finish your protection, you only need to add a new SPF Capsule.