Build solutions that protect the Earth and your adventures. Discover the what about Nomad Face and everything behind it. Discover how we protect our earth and why we should do it.

Because to enjoy adventures the Earth must not suffer

Nomad Face's goal is none other than to protect adventures. No matter how extreme they are. 

It is important that you understand why we started our adventure with Nomad Face. If you still don't know the importance of protecting yourself, read carefully this section.

When we discovered the statistics we shared, we understood that it would certainly be important to raise awareness of sun protection and above all to find a solution that would facilitate its use.

"The key to Nomad Face is not only found in the formula, but its main difference is the greater frequency with which you can protect yourself, without stopping your adventures and sports."

The Minimum Use of Plastics

Our brand seal of guarantee.

We know that today plastic is still necessary for technical, resistant and durable materials such as our Bunker or Capsules.

But we also know that it is necessary to use plastic only for what is really needed.

At Nomad Face we work only with the necessary plastic to maintain the functionality of the product and its preservation.

"We are a brand without added plastics. We do not want to be part of the wear and tear of the Earth by our actions."