There is no better option

The technical features and the functional design are giving to the Bunker a unique strength, durability and insulation capability.

The Bunker is the most technical, practical, functional and long-lasting sunscreen packaging.

Practical. Sustainable. Unique.



mejor protector solar para deporte

A fully recyclable, a revolutionary system with unique packaging, crafted with the planet in mind. It’s the best sun protection system ever designed.

With its One Hand Operation system you don't even need to take off your gloves. 1 hand for the best sunscreen.

Tested for the most extreme sport. 

Say goodbye to use sunscreen before starting to ski and when you are in the chairlift . Now you don't need a break to protect yourself. You can protect anywhere and anytime.

Now, you can protect anywhere and at anytime.

You have immediate access to more frequent sun protection use.

mejor protector solar para deporte

Discover in 10 seconds how you can protect anytime & anywhere.

This is how the most extreme sun protection ever designed works.

The best sunscreen for sports. For the most extreme.

You love this

You only need 1 hand

100% of extremers have loved that you only need one hand - even wearing gloves - to protect yourself.

No need to get your hands dirty

We were surprised how 80% of you complained about using the cream with hands. Especially climbers. Magnesium + Cream = Something pasty. Problem solved!

Frequency of use

95% of extremers love the feature that the Bunker has a carabiner integrated. So you have direct access to protect yourself at any time.

Protected Formula

The Bunker works as a shield against sun protection. Its technical materials make it the most extreme sunscreen. Formulation is protected.

Diseño efectivo. Así de sencillo.


Sun Protection Capsules. The most sustainable and protected sun cream.


Product is produced 100% in Barcelona. 

The material is POM, a technical plastic that is used in ski bindings or in the manufacture of certain parts of the car.

It resists to high and low temperatures and it's very strong, offering great durability.

It also has an additive that acts as an anti-UVA protector.

The Bunker material isolates the capsule to maintain product stability.

In this way, the sun protection can be kept stable and in perfect condition for use in the most severe conditions.

100% sustainable it is not because we have not yet found a sustainable plastic that can resist as our Bunker does, as soon as we find it we will make that change and we will count on you.

Meanwhile, the sustainable is our system. What we have designed is a friendly packaging with the environment and that favors the use for years and years.

The Bunker has been tested by our extremers in very extreme situations.

On the other hand, we are within the Climate Neutral Now program of the United Nations.

And we have created our internal guarantee seal. The MUP (Minimum Use of Plastic) with which we reduce the use of plastic to a minimum and essential to be functional in all our brand and company actions.


Since we identified that the main problem of protection in outdoor sports is the inability to protect yourself frequently, we decided that we would make a container that is simple and quick to use and that would be accessible in the fastest way.

Thus, the Bunker favors you to protect yourself with one hand and in the most difficult situations.

It is much lighter than technical materials such as a climbing rope, skis, sticks... it weighs less than 40 grams without the capsule.

It is a light and robust product, otherwise it would be very difficult for you to carry it with you.

Will have. We are working on adding accessories to the Bunker to favor tools that benefit from using it when you do your favourite sport.