I am Victor. And this is the story behind Nomad Face.


IT ALL STARTED in norway

The doctors were clear: no excesses. No limits and all sports on flat terrain. A knee injury deprived me of the opportunity to live in more extreme conditions. I had dreamt of climbing great peaks. Everest.

Photography gave me the balance I had lost. If I couldn't climb mountains, I had to live them even from a distance. My first stop: Iceland. I changed. Nothing was the same. It showed me what the earth was, the auroras borealis and I discovered how small it was in it. And my second stop: Norway.

A photographic journey in extreme conditions. I was going to push my skin to the limit. I forgot to carry a sunscreen. When I landed I went to the Duty Free at Oslo airport. I was looking for something specific because the forecasts were -18º. I only found sun protection creams for the beach. It seemed very strange to me. In Norway, at -18º. I asked and they confirmed that there was nothing specific.

Already in Bodo, the Lofoten Islands, I remember going into a specialized mountain shop. I asked for the most extreme protection and again the same answer: there was nothing specific for severe conditions.

I had not been able to find the best skin protection in its most extreme temperatures, sun, cold and wind. I could only find standard sunscreen products. Products made to protect the skin in summer.

But arriving at my destination and knowing that my skin would be exposed to such an extreme climate did not suit me.

I'm a travel nomad, whatever the destination. I want to be able to enjoy the landscapes, to take the best pictures. After traveling through more than 50 countries I have always taken my skin to the extreme. And I have always been clear that security and protection are indispensable. Extreme is unforgivable.

I knew I had found something. That I should give something to the land I admired so much. I couldn't reach my dreamed peaks. I was not able to climb the highest mountains and enjoy the most extreme conditions.

It was my 1st signal. If I couldn't, I had to protect the one who did . I had to protect those capable of pursuing their own limits. To conquer their challenges, to live their adventures.

I was interested in discovering more about sun care and sun protection. I spent hours studying.

I discovered that the incidence of the sun is responsible for 90% of skin cancer cases. That every 300 meters of height the risk of burning yourself is 5%. At 3000m the risk of burning yourself is 50%. At 6000m, 100%. I was surprised that you increase by 150% the impact of the sun on the snow compared to the beach. It was key to discover that 1 in 3 cancers is skin. The most common cause of skin cancer is the sun. By 90%.

My father died of cancer.

This was my 2nd sign. It is my way of honoring him. Greater skincare became more than a goal. It was my new goal. My future. It was born then, NOMAD FACE.

Today, we protect the earth from human impact. And people's skin from the impact of the sun. Do not put limits on your life adventure.





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