Yellow Sunrise Kit
Blue Indigo protección solar extrema-6
Blue Indigo Kit
White Snow Kit
Red Mars Kit
Capsule Stick SPF50+

Protección solar extrema DISEÑADA para atletas y aventureros

Protect yourself in the most extreme conditions with our Full Kits (Bunker + Capsule). They offer unparalleled protection in the most extreme conditions, so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest. Choose from our wide range of colors to stand out on your adventures: Yellow Sunrise, Blue Indigo, White Snow and Red Mars.

Each kit includes a Bunker and a Stick SPF50+ capsule, designed specifically for athletes, mountaineers, skiers and mountaineers looking for high-quality sun protection.

  • Rigorously tested and effective in the most difficult conditions. (+8000m).
  • Reusable: You only need to replace the capsule when it runs out, making it a sustainable and economical option.
  • Free shipping: For orders over €19.90. 24/48h. In Spain
  • Avoid damage and burns to your skin! Choose your Kit and protect your skin for your outdoor adventures.

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When the product is over you only need a new capsule.


Envío gratuito para pedidos superiores a 19,90 €.


Effectively tested and functional in extreme conditions.