Red Mars

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The Red Mars. A Kit really spicy! 🌶️

In honor of the planet Mars, we developed this special color.

Enough spicy to be used in the outdoors. Imagine how nice shall dress this Bunker in your black or grey jacket.

It is a color for those who like to be asked…

  • Hey, what's that you're wearing?

And that's when you explain what the Bunker is:

  • A new system of sunscreen.
  • A new way to use it, you just need to hand. Even when wearing gloves.
  • You carry it hanging wherever you want.
  • The most technical sunscreen that supports extreme temperatures, from -40ºC to 60ºC.
  • It is not heavy and is very resistant.

And the capsule. 💪 It is important to talk about the capsule:

  • 2 in 2. For Face and Lips.
  • High protection. Blocks 98% of UVA rays. SPF50+.
  • Very resistant to water and extreme conditions.

But its aroma… falls in love. 😍 . Vanilla scent!

Ahhhh, it's edible but we advise you to use it to protect yourself before eating it. 😉


Remember that you are buying 1 complete Sun Protection Kit.

The Red Mars Kit is composed by:

  • 1 Bunker color Rojo (Red Mars).
  • 1 Capsule SPF50+.

With this Kit, you can protect your limits without stopping your activity. Protect & continue your adventure.

Important: Remember that when you finish your capsule you only need to buy a new individual capsule. Don't throw away the Bunker that will be with you for many years!

🔥 We are guilty of protecting you at more than 8000 meters 🔥


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