Yellow Sunrise

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By the Power of the Sun 💪

That energy! That yellow color that is so reminiscent of the first glimmers of daylight.

A great yellow sunrise. Pure energy, pure heat, pure life.

It's great. With an aggressive touch and also elegant.

Because we wanted it to have a bit of a mustard hue and it looks killer outdoors.

How stands out with dark clothes! A great show.

Oh, and if your mom asks you if you take everything this is your answer:

  • Look mom, I even wear sunscreen. But it's not just a protector it's...

👏  Nomad Face:

  • A new system of sunscreen.
  • I can protect myself with one hand, and without taking off my gloves!
  • I can hang it where I want.
  • The most technical sunscreen that supports extreme temperatures, from -40ºC to 60ºC.
  • And no, it's not heavy. Tough as a rock, and light as a feather.

And the capsule...

  • 2 in 2. For Face and Lips.
  • High protection. Blocks 98% of UVA rays. SPF50+.
  • Very resistant to water and extreme conditions.

And mom, if I run out of food, the capsule is edible. Vanilla flavored. Although a bar with chocolate always tastes better. 😉


Remember that you are buying 1 complete Sun Protection Kit.

The Yellow Sunrise Kit is composed by:

  • 1 Bunker Yellow color (Yellow Sunrise).
  • 1 Capsule SPF50+.

With this Kit, you can protect your limits without stopping your activity. Protect & continue your adventure.

Important: Remember that when you finish your capsule you only need to buy a new individual capsule. Don't throw away the Bunker that will be with you for many years!

🔥 We are guilty of protecting you at more than 8000 meters 🔥

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