The Bunker is the packaging that best protects sun protection. Extremely light and strong it's designed with a carabiner, you can access to protect yourself at any time. Its technical material is strong and durable to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. The Bunker contains the SPF Capsule and it maintains all its properties in the most extreme conditions. (From -43ºC to + 90ºC).

"We use recyclable materials, and reduce the plastic content by 50% compared to other common sunscreens. When finished, you will not need to buy a new product, you just need a new capsule and add it to your Bunker"

SPF50+ Maximum protection, , with a vegan & waterless formulation. Extreme sun protection for your face and lips. No extra plastic. We minimize the use and waste of plastic. 100% vegan ingredients. Cruelty and Gluten free

"A maximum protection, vegan and water-free formula. Our capsules have minimal impact on the environment and maximum protection for people. We have created a line of sun protection that not only uses less plastic but also reduces the global rates of skin cancer."